Microsoft Surface Pro 

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is due to arrive on Feb 9, however packing a much smaller usable storage space than expected – 64GB gives 23GB free, 128GB gives 83GB free. Windows 8, built-in apps, and the recovery partition takes up 41GB of space. While the Surface Pro’s storage can be extended with USB 3.0 HDD and microSDXC cards, the ‘bloatware’ may be taking up a bit too much space.


Microsoft’s 64GB Surface Pro will only have 23GB usable storage


“What will Apple release this year?” Predictions and discussions for Apple products in 2013:

iPad Mini 2 – due to costs, probably no Retina this year?

Full-sized iPad – a refresh probably towards the later part of 2013.

iPhone 5S – perhaps not the only iPhone to be released this year. iPhone 6 also out in 2013? Also iOS 7 and features upgrades.

Mac – Mac Pro new design, Retina-only lineup, OS X 10.9?

Apple TV – Will we see it this year?


Predictions: What Apple will release in 2013


Running with Friends” Zynga’s latest game in the Apple’s App Store allows users to pit against their friends as they run, leap, and dodge obstacles while fleeing from the bulls of Pamplona. Gameplay is similar to Temple Run, a wildly successful game that’s recently netted 100+ million downloads to date.


Zynga releases Running with Friends where players can flee the Pamplona Bulls of Spain

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